About Us

We are group of friends and family sharing our life story, ideas, opinions and creativity through the canvas of modern technology. We strive to provide content related to food, finance, technology, lifestyle and much more. We welcome new content writers to join our journey and make it extraordinary.

Since the ancient times, Creed symbolizes faith that has been the root of human civilization. For us, Creed is not just about religion but faith in human innovations and skills working in synchronous. Every human being is gifted in their own way and bringing like-minded individuals together towards a collective effort will bring modern revolution to each field of study. From caves to space station, humanity has come a long way in innovation. We would like to collaborate with individuals all over the world to bring in a new age of beliefs and seek to provide a bridge between the present and envisioned future of flying cars and vacation on Mars.

Our Story

Modern Creeds has been there in our conversation for a very long time. We discussed it and have lived the idea of it since years now. Finally, in April 2020, we created this blog in pursuit of catering our audience with the rich in content posts about the different genres of our interest. Like the great Sun Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“, we embark on this journey and welcome you to be part of it.

Core Team

Mujibul Islam

I am an engineer by trade, currently working in MNC after completion of my graduation. I share an interest in food, travelling, cooking, technology and entertainment. In my spare time, I like to travel, cook foods, watch movies and enjoy playing chess. Connect with me at mujibul@moderncreeds.com

Chayan Chakraborty

I am a computer science engineer by trade. Currently working as an instructor in a renowned institute. I share interest in polity, arts and history. I am fond of watching the premier league football games and curious about tracking different stock indexes around the globe. I often sketch and do gardening. I love deep discussions about life and mind. You can reach out to me at chayan@moderncreeds.com


Labani Kayal

I am currently pursuing my post-graduation in English literature. I share interest in Travelling, Literature, Cooking, Entertainment, Art and History. In my spare time, I like to cook, read books and watch movies.

Bikramaditya Ghosh

I am an engineer by profession, currently working in an MNC. I share interests in mathematics and sports. In my spare time, I love doing workouts and indulging myself in philosophical discussions about life.