The Ways of Maintaining Your Fitness in This Lockdown Era

Fitness is the term that is important for all human beings. Staying fit should be the goal of everyone in this world. Fitness includes both physical and mental wellbeing. In this tough situation of countrywide lockdown that the world is going through, we all have encountered that people with weak immunities are more vulnerable to any disease. Basically, People with weaker immune systems have a higher probability of losing their lives. Certainly, the phase through which the world is going on right now is teaching us many things. It should be an eye-opener for those who neglected their lifestyles all these years. Discipline is the key to get a successful and healthy life ahead. A person who is disciplined in his/her lifestyle is much more productive than others.

What are the things in which we all must be disciplined enough?

  1. The first thing comes is the diet.

We should always try to eat clean and consume home-cooked foods rather than relying too much on outdoor food items or processed foods. Simple home-cooked food can cause wonders.

The things that you must avoid to maintain a long term healthy diet are

  • Try to avoid foods rich in oil & increase the intake of fruits especially those which are rich in Vitamin C.
  • Try to avoid too many sugary food items like pastries, cookies, and food items related to cheese.

Maintaining a proper diet is always difficult for any working professionals. However, I will urge you to complete the last meal by 10:00 pm. At least try not to eat too late to avoid gastrointestinal issues in the longer run.

  1. Importance of Physical Exercise

Try to devote at least one hour out of your 24 hours of daily routine in physical exercises. Remember you just don’t need to have big muscles in your arms or six-pack abs to be fit. Feeling positive and feeling strong from within is the ultimate fitness. Freehand exercises like squats, pushups, the plank can greatly improve the overall fitness of your body.

Here is a short video demonstrating the basics of some exercises.

A person who cannot do these exercises can opt for any other ways which involve locomotion. Movements, like walking, running etc., will bring immense positive changes in a body. The daily household chore activities like mopping the floor, cleaning utensils, going up and down in the stairs can really improve your cardiac stamina.

  1. Lastly, we should also train our mind to be fit.

The kind of phase through which everyone is going right now, it’s quite natural to develop negative thoughts. You should try to shun them. Just remember ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ and no situation good or bad lasts long.

Control your mind and don’t let the mind control you and to do that

  • Try to do some kind of meditation practice. Just sit alone for 20 mins(minimum) and try to stabilize your mind.
  • Try to devote some time to your day for your mental peace. Empty all the negative thoughts that come in your mind.
  • Do deep breathing. Focus on your strengths and try to impose positive thoughts in your mind. Compete with yourself and try to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.            

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