We Will Miss You, Irrfan | An Artist with Exceptional Cinematic Presence

This brilliant quote in the voice of Irrfan Khan from the movie translates into practical conclusion of life. His movies have always carried a subtle message within. The roles he played in Inferno or his breathtaking performance in the Lunchbox or Pan Singh Tomar sets him apart. In his career, Irrfan has rejected roles in movies like Interstellar, The Martian, and Body of Lies because of his tight schedule which shows his extraordinary commitment to work. In an interview with BT, he had told that turning down Christopher Nolan’s film was a difficult decision but he added that he doesn’t tend to regret. Irrfan Khan was a practical actor. His diverse acting skillset is exemplified by his roles in movie genre ranging from romance to action-packed blockbusters. He had a unique way of expressing his emotions on the silver screen which resonates with us.

In the complexity of the time, today was the day when the brilliant Indian film actor Irrfan Khan departed this human world. Today was the time when millions of people over the internet posted tons of posts expressing their love, grief, and disappointment for losing their favourite forever. But even today one thing is hesitating to express its disappointment i.e, his shelf where Irrfan’s brilliant ability and skill are still persistent. The applause for the Padma Shri is still echoing everywhere and the National award is shining bright in the memory of Pan Singh Tomar. The time is standing with its bowed head proving how helpless it is that it can’t even spare the diamonds. From now on the lion’s roar will no longer echo in the theatres but still, we have a faith that it will roar much louder in the memory cells of billions.

His acting brilliance and enigma has attracted casting directors worldwide and took Indian cinematography in the global stage. His global popularity echoes with the tweet from Academy Award itself.

One of the Twitterati have summarised perfectly what a unique space Irrfan Khan held in the heart of his fans.

He leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary acting skills and a place that will be a permanent void in the film industry. Even in the last scene of his final movie, Irrfan Khan was seen with an ever-smiling face, narrating a beautiful line with his charm as the curtain rolls down for a final time.

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