A Guide Towards A Good Quality Sleep: Habits To Dive In

Sleeping is the most important activity of every human being. However, it often gets neglected. To start a day with a positive mood and confidence you must sleep well. Nowadays it is a concern for many individuals that they are not getting proper sleep. Remember our body does all the recovery processes while we sleep. Thus if we don’t sleep well we will in turn cause damage to our body. Gastric problems, indigestion issues, migraine are some common health problems due to lack of sleep.

So, how can we sleep well? The answer is being disciplined. Nowadays most of us have the habit of watching movies late at night or being busy with our smartphones. You have to overcome such attitudes. Just remember watching stressful stuff that makes you think more or fear before bedtime, will hamper your sleep. Stimulants like bright, white, and blue light from your gadgets will disturb your sleep. Not having a fixed meal plan timings and eating right before bedtime affects your sleep. Remember your dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. So try to avoid eating rich stuff before bedtime. Having a sedentary day throughout and not doing any kind of physical movement also hamper your sleep. To be energetic throughout the day you should have good quality sleep.

Let us break it down in some easy steps for the blueprint of good quality sleep.

1. Have your dinner at least two hours before bedtime. Your dinner should not be very rich.

2. Don’t drink too much water before bedtime. It will hamper your sleep as you have to wake up in the middle for urination. Drinking too much water before bedtime also hampers your kidneys.

3. Don’t get involved in your gadgets before bedtime, try to replace them with books. However, try to avoid reading books involving horror stories or thoughtful explanations. Make your mind stress free before sleeping.

4. Try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. I am mainly talking about those who are doing work from home services nowadays. Don’t be seated for too long. Get involved in various movements. Allot at least one hour each day to do some physical exercises.

5. Don’t get too excited about any issue before bedtime. Do some deep breathing to calm your mind and remove stress.

6. Try to list the activities which you are planning to do the next day on the previous night. Then you can start your day confidently.

7. Get at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep, as this will make you rejuvenated and make your entire day productive.

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