Soyabean Kebab Recipe: A Healthy, Vegetarian Treat

Kebabs are popular Middle Eastern cuisine with a variety of meat and vegetable combination to make a perfect starter for any meal. Though mainly made from a variety of meat product, vegetarian kebab is also becoming increasingly popular for the vegetarian diet. Vegetarian kebab involves a wide variety of fruits, vegetables such as potato, soyabean and dairy products such as paneer. With awareness programme regarding the detrimental effect of meat on the human body, people are constantly looking for healthier, nutritious dish without compromise over the taste. This is the hour for chefs and food bloggers to rise to the challenge and be creative with their culinary skills.

Soyabean kebab is one such special vegetarian treat for your platter. Made from soyabean chunks along with onion, pulses and variety of spices, this tasty appetizer is baken in the oven or deep-fried in oil to give you a healthy, protein-rich treat. So without further ado, let’s go over the recipe!



  1. Roast all the spices for Kebab Masala on low flame and grind them finely into powder. You can save it for future use.
  2. Soak Soyabeans in hot water and drain excess water.
  3. Cook Chana Daal in pressure cooker by adding 3 cups of water and pinch of turmeric powder until it whistles for 5 – 6 times. Drain excess water.
  4. Add Soyabeans and cooked Chana Daal into blender and grind them coarsely. 
  5. Add the blended mixture in a pot, along with 2 tablespoons of Besan, which will help in making tikkis.
  1. Add onion, chillies, 3 teaspoons of kebab masala, salt, 3 teaspoon oil, coriander and mint leaves to the pot and mix them well.
  1. Divide the mixture and shape them in small cutlets. Thin cutlets will fry nice and crisp over the larger ones. Fry them in oil until the kebabs are golden brown. Serve it with your favourite dipping sauce.

The recipe makes perfect vegetarian appetizer, a healthy one! A healthy diet is a necessity in today’s generation with so much scope of unhealthy junk foods and an increase in diseases related to eating habits. The current scenario of house confinement increases this risk significantly and needs new ways of maintaining fitness in this tough times. Soyabean kebabs will fulfil your cravings without compromising your healthy diet. Try it out and let us know your feedback in comments or on our social media pages!

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