5 Skincare Myth Busters You Must Know

  1. Using sunscreen only during the outdoor stay: If you’re doing this then you are not completely taking care of your skin. Wearing sunscreen when you are inside your home is as important as you are outside. Your skin might get exposed to sun UV rays coming through windows or doors. So try to use sunscreen always during the daytime to protect your precious skin from sun damage. You don’t need to wear a sunscreen with higher SPF when you are at home. A sunscreen with 20 or 25 SPF levels will do the work nicely.

  1. The face mask doesn’t fall into everyday skincare regime: If you want flawless vibrant looking skin then you must stop believing that you don’t need to apply face mask every day. Pamper your skin with any homemade or ready-made mask at least 4 times a week right after you complete your skin cleansing. If you have dry skin then do this every day. Believe me, you will glow like never before after following this.

  1. Oily or sensitive skin doesn’t need moisturization: Do not skip moisturizing your skin. No matter how oily or sensitive it is. You should always opt for a non-comedogenic and water-based moisturizer for those particular skin types. So do some good research before your one. It is very important to use a moisturizer to have healthy and lively skin.

  1. No need to take extra care of the skin around eyes and neck: Your eyes always need special care. Don’t skip applying a layer of eye serum on the skin around both eyes. Any good moisturizer will do the same job if you apply a thick layer of it. Apply the cream on your neck area whenever you are moisturizing your face. This will tighten the skin and delay the signs of ageing.

  1. Regular face massage is not necessary: Massaging helps better blood circulation and results in healthy and happy skin. While cleansing or applying face cream, doing a light hand face massage is not a big deal. Use your own fingers and apply light pressure. Then gently massage your skin in a circular motion for a few minutes. Regular face massage not only helps blood circulation but also keeps your face wrinkle at bay. It is very relaxing.

Remember your skin is unique and as precious as your life. Maintaining a healthy diet along with the proper skincare routines can do wonder in the long run.

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